HT-HI Profile

Castings and spares are vital components for many types of construction machinery. In order to maintain and optimize these vital machines, you need the best castings available, like those produced by Maanshan Haitian Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd, better known as HT-HI. Our firm was first established over a decade ago in June of 2004 and since then we have gained invaluable expertise and precious experience and we have forged great collaborations. HT-HI is atop the market leaders of China’s manufacturers of wear-resistant castings for construction machinery.

With advanced manufacturing facilities spanning an area of more than 80,000 square meters, we have the production capacity to fulfill your largest orders without delay. In addition our size allows utilizing economies of scale to produce your products at the absolute lowest cost, while maintaining excellent product quality. HT-HI production facilities are completely outfitted with 6 large production workshops, an independent quality control department, as well as more than 50 diverse technicians who are responsible for the research and development of new products. We have focused on producing wear-resistant castings with high-chrome and high-manganese materials for several years. With an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons, we have become the largest producer of wear-resistant castings for concrete mixers in China.

We have also developed long-term, strategic collaborations with both domestic and international brands, such as BHS from Germany, LIEBHERR, SICOMA from Italy, SPECO from Korea, NIKKO from Japan, KYC from Japan, SANY, ZOOMLION, XCMG, etc. This has enabled us to export our products to more than 50 countries and regions. Our company holds more than 30 patents. The company has also drafted the Chinese industry standard for wear-resistant castings.

HT-HI, founded in June of 2004, is atop the market leaders of China’s manufacturers of wear-resistant castings for construction machinery. The company is famed for using cutting-edge technology.

HT-HI’s manufacturing base, which spans more than 80,000 square meters, incorporates 6 giant production workshops. Many years’ experience in production of high-chromium and high-manganese iron castings has given us the strong capability to create and produce top grade wear-resistant castings.

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Product samples

Quality Inspection Center

Our enterprise technology center is located in Anhui Province. It is home to a full range of advanced test facilities as well as a group of experienced quality engineers and operators. We have built long-term partnerships with Xi’an Jiaotong University and Hefei University of Technology.

The tensile testing machine is used to measure the elongation of finished products.

The tensile testing machine is working on a test specimen.

Data will be obtained as the machine continues to pull on the specimen until it breaks.

Seen here is the physical property testing laboratory. A wide collection of lab facilities is available for conducting a full range of tests on our metal castings. A variety of hardness testers is utilized to meet various customers’ product hardness requirements. The impact testing machine is used to determine the anti-impact capability of different materials.

Shore hardness tester from Japan’s NSS Company

This equipment is used to check the anti-impact capability of our products.

Direct-reading digital Brinell hardness tester

Demonstrated here is the molding sand property testing lab. This lab performs qualitative and quantitative analysis on the viscosity, particle size, apparent porosity and hardness of the molding sand.

Sandcast mold sample

The constant-temperature furnace is used to examine the sintering performance of the sand cast mold sample.